Welcome to my Botany Blog!

My name is Isaac Greene, and I’m from southeastern Ohio. I grew up in the Zanesville area which is nestled in the very beginning of the Appalachian foothills. Being raised in this area, I naturally developed a love for nature in all shapes and forms. From hiking to hunting, I love all things outdoors. I’m an avid fisherman and enjoy kayak trips, preferably on moving water because lakes get to be exhausting when you’re just paddling around for hours! I also love competition target shooting, it’s a -blast-! I’m a huge firearm enthusiast as well. It’s yet another hobby of mine where I advocate safe gun handling and shooting practices. I own a motorcycle and I’m all about that #bikelife. That’s actually where most of my money goes… buying bike parts is expensive. If you’ve ever thought about buying a motorcycle because it’ll be “cheaper,” don’t do it. Seriously. Don’t. It’s terrible. You can’t win.

I’m majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife Science, and hope to land in the field of game animal management someday. My goal is to study and work to control population sizes of large game mammals so that they may be conserved and their populations remain healthy and sustainable.

So, that’s my blog! I’ve never done this before so hopefully it isn’t too painful to read through. Thanks for visiting!